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“Qasâl” in Persian, the word “gazelle” means “ a fast and elegant antelope”. It belongs to the antilopinae family. Agile and sharp, it has an excellent sight (up to 360° degrees). It is the best way to stand out from competition and remain a good step ahead.

A key player in West and Central Africa’s marketing and advertising industries, Gazelle Touch enjoys a solid reputation, renowned expertise and a reputation reaching far beyond its territorial borders.
Professionalism, industry expertise, and elevated creativity allow us to successfully complete any mission we are entrusted with. By leaning on a network of reliable and prestigious partners, we’re able to pursue our goals as and represent our clients on the international stage.

The 20-horn Gazelle Touch

Gazelle Touch represents the blend of skills and qualities of a dozen of professionals in communication; a strong, dynamic, experienced, multidisciplinary and multicultural team. We come from various places and most of us were trained in the best communication and advertisement schools and agencies of Europe. Thanks to this international dimension, Gazelle Touch is an agency exceptionally fitted to the West-African strategic and communicational stakes. Gazelle Touch's territory doesn't actually have any limit, and we like that!

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