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The Gazelle is an herbivorous ruminant which feeds on grasses and bushes' leaves. It takes pleasure in jumping very high to express its tranquility and joie de vivre; a reaction called “stotting”, and even in the work environment, it can turn out to be very contagious.

Providing essential services on the global communications market, Gazelle Touch meets all your needs with solutions in line with your desires and constraints. Media campaigns, digital operations, management of social networks, marketing strategy, media relations consulting, design and creation of online and offline solutions... It all takes shape between the Gazelle's horns!

Our playgrounds

Communications Consulting

The heart of our business! We guide you in expanding and putting in place each step of your marketing strategy. Our experience and insight allows us to devise solutions to all of your challenges.

Marketing Strategy

Because there’s no such thing as effective marketing without strategy, we study and reflect on your approach to the market. Then we give you the most effective tools to make it work.


In the information age, communication and digital go hand in hand. We provide high-level strategic support, which is fine-tuned for your campaigns and placement in the market.


Unbeatable support! The deployment of a campaign often includes the establishment of off line solutions: print media has always been a part of our business.


Whoever says “multimedia approach” is also saying “global communications agency”! Our solid experience in the world of media is a guarantee of quality for all of your TV spots, radio ads, and press releases.


A true influencer of public image, event planning is now an integral part of any industry’s strategy. Whether your event is private or high profile, a conference or a cocktail party, a product launch or team building, we create meaningful opportunities for you to engage your audience.

Project managers, art directors, graphic designers, web designers, sales, integrators, media strategists, writers, community managers, and developers... Our exceptional team crafts and implements every step of your business strategy.

Gazelle Touch's allies

To ensure optimum quality for all solutions we provide, Gazelle Touch works daily with partners carefully selected for their human, technical and professional resources. These lasting relationships are based on trust and a passion for a job well done!
Our network of partners is a solid web comprised of a global advertising agency, an agency specializing in statistical analysis, a internal design studio, an audiovisual production agency, specialists in printing and manufacturing, translators, musicians, photographers...

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